It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.

Hello I’m Tara

I was diagnosed as bipolar about eight years ago but when I was around eleven or twelve now that I know what it is I was very depressed and moody. I constantly had thoughts that about suicide and self harm but I never spoke about it. As I got older and went into my first relationship it began to get worse. I’d be anxious all the time, slip into depression episodes and then would get bursts of happy energy but it drove my partner of the time a bit nuts so I went to the doctor and after several opinions I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2.

This is something that will never go away. I still have my moments when I’m extremely anxious, depressed, and have huge panic attack’s but I am here and I know I’m meant to be here. I want to be what no one was for me. Someone who will listen, understand and if I can give some insight with my own experiences. I am also usually up a lot at nights so I’m perfect for the insomniacs.