While I’m still working on finding more reasons to live, I want to help you find some, too. A lot of advice out there tells us to live for ourselves, to find something about us we like, but you and I know how difficult that is. Almost impossible sometimes. That being said, my list of reasons to live had little to nothing to do with me personally. My best friends and family are 99.9% of my list. And you know what? It works. When all you see in yourself is a failure or a monster, holding on to the way your loved ones see you makes living a little more bearable.

Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

If your best friend calling you theirs keeps you alive one more day, take it. If watching clouds, getting lost in a book, seeing that movie on opening night, eating burgers in the car at 2AM, dancing in the car, or seeing your favorite person smile is the reason you hold on, do it. Seize each and every reason no matter how small it may seem right now, and live for it. There is no wrong reason to live. Who knows? Maybe one day something on that list will be about you. But for now, live for the little things.