In our own darkness, a light found us. A small light, the dim flicker of a candle, but bright enough to ignite hope. The light of life, the light of love, the light of acceptance doesn’t need to be grand. In the darkest parts of our minds, the tiniest of glimmers can be seen. Amidst the noise of anxiety and panic, the softest voice can be heard. We know the darkness that lives inside ourselves and faced the demons that reside there, but it wasn’t a solitary effort. The little candle that led us to hope had been lit by someone else. By someone who heard our cries for help, who didn’t turn us away when we opened up about our inner turmoil. Their light, their voice calling for us, it helped make the darkness a little less frightening, a little less lonely.


Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

     If you allow us to, we can be your light. We swear to keep every little candle lit to guide you through the darkness. If you want a prayer, we have that. If you want a personal story, we have that, too. If you just want to vent, we’re all ears. No one should battle their darkness alone. We’re here for you.